What is the BrainStore Partnership?

Background and history

The purpose of BrainStore

Purpose: We delight our customers by supporting them to create and implement great ideas. And we have a good time doing so.

Where BrainStore is coming from…

BrainStore is a Switzerland-based organization founded in 1989 by Markus Mettler, a Swiss-American entrepreneur.

BrainStore deciphered the DNA of Innovation and developed a set of building blocks that allow

  • to explore the unknown unknowns
  • the creation of ideas at the push of a button - for any imaginable topic - with the Idea Machine
  • to manage innovation initiatives
  • the improvement of innovation culture for individuals and organizations
  • exciting future-shaping opportunities for partners

In 2008 BrainStore - at that time with an annual turnover of about USD 7.500.000 and a staff of about 70 employees - was severely hit by the financial crisis. After the analysis of root causes BrainStore's founder Markus Mettler made the following modifications in the business model after rebooting the organization.

From here... ... to here
BrainStore sets the price for services. However, we did not know where we were creating value for our customers The customer sets the price - BrainStore defines the duration and content of the work cycles (Pay-What-You-Wish-Principle, PWYW). This leads to a focus on value creation and a substantial reduction of complexity. ✅
BrainStore Ltd was operating as a traditional organization with classical departments, functions, and typical employer-employee relationships. BrainStore is a network of entrepreneurs who are united by the purpose ("delight customers with fresh ideas brought to life and have a good time doing so"). All entrepreneurs can take any one of the four roles (customer, champ, team member, facilitator). ✅
BrainStore had high fixed costs, for salaries or for rent (about USD 500,000 per year for rent!). Fixed costs are kept low. BrainStore has gained substantial insights, also regarding the rent of locations based on the Pay-What-You-Wish principle. ✅

Where is BrainStore heading to?

Based on the purpose "We delight our customers by supporting them to create and implement great ideas. And we have a good time doing so."

The goal of the Partner Program is to

  • delight more customers
  • delight customers more
  • have more people having a good time delighting customers

The Partner Program is the key to BrainStore's assets:

  • the network
  • the tools that continuously evolve
  • the brand
  • BrainStore's R&D output
  • the experience
  • the business model

This allows BrainStore Partners to build an idea business in their own environment and/or to join other BrainStore Partners in their stores.

The Partner Program allows the network to generate revenues to pursue the purpose on the enterprise level. E.g. to increase R&D (especially software), funding, training, network building, branding, etc.

By expanding the number of BrainStores, the brand can grow. More entrepreneurs within the network mean more capacities for large projects. More countries mean higher international attractiveness of the network.

Who are we looking for?

A typical partner has an entrepreneurial spirit, likes human beings, is interested in many topics, likes language (producing ideas has a lot to do with verbalizing thoughts).

  • A partner can have other activities and jobs - it is however recommended to invest a day a week or more in BrainStore activities.
  • Only partners can take the role of BrainStore champs and take customer responsibility using BrainStore's brand.
  • A partner should bring technical interest in the Idea Machine innovation processes.
  • A partner should bring commercial skills. You will start and grow a business.
  • A partner should be interested in sales and marketing.


The Partner Program is kept as simple as possible - lawyers and legal work tends to draw energy from the focus on delighting customers.

The Partner Program has many common points with good relationships. Both sides need to make an effort to make it happen. Both sides are free to end the relationship in a simple form at any time.