Network Champ (FC, LW, MM)

Minimal scope

  • Acquire the cycle briefing in collaboration with the partners

  • Ongoing update of the network roadmap, make sure responsible persons for NOW-initiatives of the network roadmap are defined

  • Find responsible persons and prepare the briefing (including timing and minimal scope) for the roles Community and Partners, Content, Commercial, Communication, Facilitation for the network

  • Ship cycle results (reports, presentation, updates) to the partners (customer)

  • Find champ(s) for the next cycle

  • Organize debriefing with partners (customer) and the responsibility for the network roles, share the learnings

  • Decide on new stores, approve; provide a basic range of products, case studies, milestones, and tools for stores

  • Responsible for agreement on terms with the partners and the champs of initiatives, ensure (financial) transparency

  • Recruit the participants with offers (flyers, social media, advertisement)

  • Document work in progress

  • Support the facilitation role

  • Say thank you :-)

Joyful expansion of scope

Enjoy experiments