Commercial (LW)

Minimal scope

  • Open Cycleboard with "To-Dos" - Recommendation initiate "Get. It. Done"-Events

  • Install documentation tools for the network contribution offers and contributions (e.g. champs, facilitators, participants,..) - make sure all steps are documented

  • Secure transparency toward network

  • Keep track of costs and revenue

  • Initiative costs and revenue (find a simple format to ensure transparency about ongoing costs and revenue within the network): Finalize briefing , conclude a first cycle

  • Reset all partner and store cycles from the past and define commercial aspects for future cycles

  • Support the network facilitation role

  • Share relevant information with the Network Champs

  • Prepare Cycle report

  • Recruit the participants with offers (flyers, social media, advertisement)

Joyful expansion of scope

  • Keep track of network activities e.g. via Milestones

Enjoy experiments

  • Explore the idea of NEURONS as BrainStore’s currency
Offer 1

Assure Financial transparency for network related costs and revenues

Offer 2

Organize a workshop to explore the idea of NEURONS