Communication (FC)

Minimal scope

  • Open Cycle Board with "To-Dos" - Recommendation initiate "Get. It. Done"-Events

Write a concept which includes:

  • Think about the target group "potential BrainStore customers" and which communication measures would make them happy

  • Define communication channels e.g. Website, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

  • Define what information that is noteworthy

  • Collect information that is noteworthy (e.g. milestones)

Implement the concept

  • Make sure that the most important information is made available to potential partners via the defined communication channels.

  • Support the network facilitation role

Joyful expansion of scope

  • Share collaboration offers with interested participants via the BrainStore channels (website, Twitter, LinkdedIn etc)

  • Define what information that is noteworthy

  • Design preparation packages for participants

  • Send updates to the community e.g. via newsletters

  • Publish a case Study after conclusion (get approval)

  • Blog and postings in misc channels (e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn)

  • Distribute BrainStore flyers at events

  • Research on results 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, and 24 months after completion

Enjoy experiments

  1. Experiment with new tools