Community and Partners (MM)

Minimal scope

  • Open Cycleboard with "To-Dos" - Recommendation initiate "Get. It. Done"-Events

  • Setup communication channel for the communication with the partners

  • Responsible for meet in the lobby events

  • Clarify the following tasks with Granting Partner and establish routine: general requests from third party, general requests from partner, exchange with Granting Partner. Goal: Be here for the partners and potential partners: respond to partners questions – ideally within 24 hours. Follow up with partners, if partners need to supply information

  • Share relevant information with the Network Champs

  • Share relevant information with the Partners

  • Prepare Cycle report

  • Document work in progress

  • Make sure different viewpoints of partners are integrated into the process + Collect feedback from partners and make available for all partners

  • Make sure the participating partners get a warm thank you

  • Support the network facilitation role

    • Recruit the participants with offers (flyers, social media, advertisement)

Joyful expansion of scope

  • Make sure that participants are remunerated - as agreed upon - in collaboration with commercial (think of option neurons)

  • Update stores.

  • Share a short report with the partners, every week, every two weeks

  • Subscribe to alerts for the project

  • Good mix of experienced brains and less experienced brains in the organizing team

  • Secure motivation with motivation factors, e.g. via

  • Sharing of results

  • Present

  • Honorarium, e. g. Neurons

  • Food and drinks

  • Use the motivation matrix

  • Collect feedback from the organizing team and make available to the organizing team and as an extract to customers

Enjoy experiments