Facilitation (alternating FC, LW, MM) Luca starts


Making things easy

The word facilitator comes from the Latin word "facilis": easy. The role of the facilitator is to make things easier. Having a facilitator in the team will make things easier.

How can I make things easier?

  • Make workflow visible, e.g. with a cycle-board
  • Make sure the team meets
  • Make sure you have notes of the meeting
  • Exchange information with the team - ask questions, follow up


  • If you're very actively involved with operational topics you most likely will neglect your facilitation role - so make sure you only take on this role if you have the capacities to do so
  • Don't push your own agenda!

See Facilitation Page

Minimal scope

  1. Move items from the pipeline to the open in the network cycle-board (thus all can work)

  2. The workflow of the cycle board: items are moving, not too much in the doing.

  3. Encourages interactions, with others, e.g. Champ, clients

  4. Invite to meetings

  5. Ensures that we have agendas for meetings, moderation is clear, minutes are taken care of shared within 24 hours of the meeting

  6. Ensure the team has a "how we work together agreement"

  7. Organize a debriefing after the cycle and secures the transfer of results to the Champ

  8. Step down as facilitator, if you feel you can't handle the role.
    Step down process: Move items from the open back to pipeline add item "Find New Facilitator" in the open and inform the team.

Ways to expand scope

  1. Ensure expectations within the organizing team are clear.

  2. Inquiries: how is it going - be available for questions

  3. Offer support to team (place items, pull items, do items)

  4. Four-Eye-Checks for minutes

  5. Connect people in the organizing team

  6. Avoid redundancy

  7. Improve collaboration

  8. Connect