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Luca Weber
Florence Croizier
Markus Mettler

Making sure viewpoints are considered

When working with viewpoints some get more attention than others. Some might even be totally ignored. This might work out well but you expose yourselves to higher risks. Thus: looking at your project from the listed viewpoints helps a lot to identify blind spots in your project management.

On your own or working in a team

If you are working on a project on your own it's clear: you're in charge of looking at all viewpoints by yourself. If you work in a team: split the viewpoints among the team members and make sure all viewpoints are covered and the lead for each viewpoint is clearly defined.

Defining the minimal scope of for each viewpoint.

With the team: define the minimal scope of each viewpoint. The facilitation role can help. The person is selected from within the members of the organizing team.

Before you start

Make sure you and the champ agree on

  • Minimal scope (expectations)
  • Deadline
  • Resources (time and money)
  • Terms and conditions
  • Optional but not less important: what you'd like to learn - what you'd like to share
Current Network Champs
Network Champ (FC, LW, MM)
Community and Partners (MM)
Content (FC)
Commercial (LW)
Communication (FC)
Facilitation (alternating FC, LW, MM) Luca starts