News for BrainStore partners and potential partners

Updates for BrainStore Partners and Potential Partners.

Workshop Network Purpose

We invited all partners and potential partners to participate in finalizing the BrainStore Network Purpose on 23 October 2020 from 4 PM to 7 PM using our newly designed Online Lobby.

Participants included

  • Sara Hofmann
  • Rajen Parekh
  • Florence Croizier
  • Ann-Cathrin Scheider
  • Nadja Schnetzler
  • Milena Rutz
  • Julia Kuhn
  • Ella Mettler
  • Saeid Khak Rah Ale Mohammad
  • Luca Weber
  • Markus Mettler

Results and Making of

May 15, 2020
BrainStore Governance

During the begin of the COVID-19 pandemic the BrainStore partners used the opportunity to finanlize BrainStore's new Governance project, which started in 2019.