BrainStore Colors

BrainStore black

Main color for text

HEX #000000

BrainStore dark grey

Nice for discreet logo. Or secondary text

HEX #58585b

BrainStore light grey

Great for light box.

HEX #d1d2d4

BrainStore white

There is always room for white space. Use it generously

HEX #ffffff

BrainStore yellow

Our primary color. Great for visuals - highlighting

HEX #fff100

BrainStore blue

Our secondary color. Cool for internal stuff. Great for navigation, boxes, buttons

HEX #00aeef

BrainStore orange

The contrast color of BrainStore blue. Great for tutorials

HEX #ee8822

BrainStore success

The success color. Great for Sheets Tools

HEX #aeef00

BrainStore Danger

The danger color. Great for Sheets Tools

HEX #ee0e01