BrainStore's Purpose and Code of Conduct

BrainStore's purpose

We delight our customers by supporting them to create and implement great ideas. And we have a good time doing so.

Code of Conduct

  1. We focus our decisions and actions on making BrainStore's purpose happen.

  2. We ask questions, respond adequately to questions and provide honest answers.

  3. We share vital information, make sure it's available where it belongs and that it's understood.

  4. We treat each other with respect.

  5. We do not engage in projects with goals that harm people or organizations.

  6. We declare confidential information as confidential – we keep confidential information confidential.

  7. We work in cycles. We make jobs available and we pull jobs. We don't give orders or tell people how to do something.

  8. In a cycle we work ideally either as a champ, team member, facilitator or customer. We try to avoid taking more than one role in one cycle.

  9. As a champ, I interact with the customer and the team, manage the Road Map, compose teams and provide information, feedback and resources. I ship results to customers unless otherwise specified.

  10. As a team member, I join cycles, provide value and have a good time.

  11. As a facilitator, I support the team to work well (facilis: Latin for easy).

  12. As a customer, I provide information, resources and feedback. I support champ and team.

  13. We don't start cycles without a clear understanding of the briefing. During a cycle we expand the scope in line with BrainStore's purpose. After a cycle we debrief.

  14. We celebrate failure - we celebrate success.

  15. We don't steal others' time – we speak up if we feel our time is being stolen.

  16. Meetings: we are on time, we are not distracted by our devices, if we need a break, we request one.

  17. If I can improve something, I will take action – not only on the small things, but the big things, too.

  18. We measure what's relevant - we abstain from measuring what is not relevant.

  19. There is only one Code of Conduct for everyone.

  20. If I discover that the Code of Conduct is broken, I speak up and help the team identify the causes and to solve the problem.

Biel, Switzerland created in 2010, last updated on 9 July 2017 and inspired by the pirates.