What do you get as a partner?

Team up to pursue your purpose.

What you can expect as a partner

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The Partner Network Team up with amazing people to work on the projects you are passionate about The team
The freelancer Network As a partner, you get access to BrainStore's Freelance Network - amazing people from all walks of life.
The Toolbox Get access to the full BrainStore Toolbox - tested under harshest conditions. It allows you to focus on what matters most: people and content. The Brain - Handbook for BrainStore Tools
Add ons - for partners only
The BrainStore brand As a BrainStore partner, you get a brainstore.com Email-Address
Open your BrainStore and/or join existing stores As a partner, you can open your own store (e.g. in the place you live, a pop-up store, or a web-store and you can join existing BrainStores Examples for storesCurrent stores
Add intriguing products to your stores You can select from existing products or build your own ones Products
Experience from more than 1000 projects Get select access to the experience from more than 1000 projects. As a partner, you get access to a wealth of case studies and production plans. Very inspiring material! Case-Studies
An exceptional Business Model BrainStore operates with the Pay-What-You-Wish business model, an avant-garde business model that changes business from the transactional model to a relations-based model. Pay-What-You-Wish
Pursue the topics you want to shape As a partner, you get support in finding and delighting your customers and creating value.
Take the lead for research and development initiatives or participate in current projects As a partner, you can initiate research and development initiatives within the network or join existing projects. Shape the future!
As a BrainStore Partner, you get invited to collaborate on interesting projects BrainStore offers you collaboration opportunities for pretty much any imaginable topic.
Invitations to Partner Get-Togethers As a partner, you get invited to Get-Togethers and training events within the network.
That's not all You decide when you want to work and for what topics (nobody is your boss)
You can expand your network - with every project
When shit happens in life: it's a business opportunity