The flow of content


Based on the interview of the Champ with the Customer and optional additional key-people the briefing is created.

⬇ Travel log

Based on the briefing the travel log is created. The travel log describes the sequence in which the search-fields are looked at.

⬇ The program

Based on the travel log the questions for the amassing phase are formulated and adequate tools are associated with the questions.

⬇ The amassing phase

The quantitative part of the process.

⬇ The discovery phase

The qualitative part of the process. There is one illumination question, in general the project's main goal.

⬇ The like phase

Participants identify the ideas they like. Question: "do you like the idea?"

⬇ The criteria scan

Based on the project's success criteria (content) the ideas are analyzed.

⬇ The refinement

The ideas are refined by the refinement team; the team decides which ideas should be presented to the jury

⬇ The visualization of the ideas

The graphic designer visualizes the leading ideas.

⬇ The Idea Selection

The visualized ideas are presented to a jury. What's measured: acceptance and polarization.

The roadmap

The ideas from the Idea Selection are presented in the lanes now, then, later, maybe.


Idea Design